Why Traveling Can Make You a Better Communicator

Why Traveling Can Make You a Better Communicator

From episode #107 – When Your Need for Control is Out of Control


Seems like traveling or at least putting yourself in a situation where everything’s new is really a good place for maybe some personal reflection or even some self-growth, like fast paced self-growth, right?


Yeah, and one of the biggest aspects of that is going to a country where you don’t speak the language and it puts you in a more vulnerable position to truly feel what some people experience here in the U S on a daily basis. And it can be very rewarding in that way, to truly change the way you interact with people based on how people interacted with you, when you didn’t understand the language fully, but people would take the time to want to understand you.

And of course, on this podcast, we talk so much about communication and that’s why I’ve said that conscious communication is 75% energy transference and 25% or so of words. And when you’re in those types of situations, you’re relying much more on the energy of what a person’s saying. You’re much more interested in what’s being conveyed rather than just what’s being said. And I just think that’s a, that’s a great practice for communication just in general.

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