What does it actually mean to live a life of happiness or contentment?

What does it actually mean to live a life of happiness or contentment?

From episode #100 – The Benefit of Living a Life of Overall Wellness


I feel like most people would say, if you ask them, what is the point of life? What is the point of living? What are we supposed to do here? And most people say ‘to be happy’. But what does that actually mean?

And how can we keep this level of happiness as long as we can. And this is what we talk about. And we may not use the word happy. We use contentment because happy is more of a, more of a higher emotion than contentment. Where it’s more of a neutral satisfication of life and just enjoying and having gratitude for what you have and what we don’t have.


Because even with that, most people are seeking happiness or they reply with that. But they don’t accept that then you have to go through sadness to know the difference of what happiness really means. But when you seek contentment and acceptance and gratitude through faith and through love and through trust, then that’s the people that in my time, the wise people I’ve run into, that’s what they hold. That’s what they experience. They’re not seeking for anything and many great teachers from the past have, even Jalala Dean Rumi, one of my favorite Sufi poets, says that the harder you seek something, the further away it gets from you. And it’s also been said, when you love something you know, set it free.

And these concepts have very, very deep instruction in them. When you take the time to experience love through complete freedom and that if you’re experiencing love with another person and they have complete freedom that they could be with anybody doing anything in they’re truly choosing to be there with you in that moment.

See, that’s not any kind of control. That’s true deep love and caring for one another to want to be together at that moment. And so how we see ourselves to our relationship with the Divine, whatever that is for how you describe it is up to you. But this gets into that, our wellbeing and our contentment, many times it’s deeply connected to our relationships or the intervals in life. As music calls it, intervals, the spaces in between the notes. Looking at everything through frequencies, that’s kind of how relationships start to become visual in this work, is to be able to see these different intervals and how close we are or how far apart we are in how we see things and operate on a day to day.

But it doesn’t have to be that one’s better than the other. Or one’s right or one’s wrong. It’s just the recognition of the differences. And when you’re able to recognize the differences between you and someone else, without judgment, then you’re able to communicate optimally. And this is where this work really helps with the relationships in our lives, because communication, which builds respect, which deepens love and connection, comes from. So that’s just another aspect of the intention of this work and this philosophy and the view of it being a frequency based view of how to look at life.