How we can create our own hell through your worry and anxiety

How we can create our own hell through your worry and anxiety

From episode #101 – Why is this Happening to Me?


And I do want to run through a bunch of different events that could happen in a little bit, but let’s talk about how this can create your own hell and why it’s beneficial to do this work and make or at least we suggest making every thing that happens useful in its own way so that we’re constantly learning and adjusting and adapting as we move throughout this earthly plane.


Yes. Because remember there’s a old wise saying, that I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s not the strongest that will survive, and it’s not the smartest that will survive, but it’s the one that can adapt. And that’s what we’re talking about here is that we’re going to bring physics into it, and math here a little bit in vibration and frequencies. We’re all carrying a certain frequency that we’re emitting, multiple frequencies, and these frequencies are affected by our thoughts, by our moods, by our emotions. And that was what I just went through on the five different levels of how it kind of each affects the next one. And when we go through things like our culture, here’s the word stress all the time, but nobody still really knows what that is, or it’s such a broad topic and it does need to be broken down to specifically what is bothering the person so that they know what to adjust. Because the word stress is just too big of a word.

So, if you choose something like the emotion worry, which is a very, very prominent now. Worry is typically in the abdomen area, where it affects on the physical body. And worry energy, sexual energy, and creative energy are all very similar, if not the same energies being dispersed three different ways. So someone that isn’t sexually active and they’re not creative, or don’t feel that they’re creative, there’s a very high likelihood that they are going to worry. And that they’re going to have digestion issues and all of this fits together. So, when somebody has a boss that they feel like talks down to them, and they worry every time the boss is walking toward them, they’re literally creating that own hell in their world by how they’re choosing to perceive this situation or this interaction that’s coming up with their boss.

But see, nothing has really happened. All that is happening is the boss is walking towards her and the boss may just go to the bathroom, but that person on the receiving end will still affect their Five Levels in that way. Like I said, it started with doubt, which activated the mind, which said, oh, be in fear, you’re in danger. Okay. That emotion goes out. It makes the person tense up to interrupt their energetic flow. And then, like I said, it’s going to have an effect on the physical part of the body and the abdomen or the stomach or intestines areas. And then if you bring in the energetic side, at a deeper level of bringing the energy centers of the Chakras in, then normally that’s around the first or second Chakra or a combination of both of them.

So, see, all of that information is very useful as opposed to Gloria worrying about her boss walking towards her, of her going, why does he have to treat me this way? Or why does he treat me this way? Or why doesn’t he treat me better? Those whys are so exhausting. And meanwhile, the same reactions are happening internally. And the longer this goes on over a longer period of time, the more chronic the issue becomes. And so this is why somebody can go have a surgery or something and fix it. You know, maybe their abdomen, maybe they have ulcers, which is very common for worrying. And they get an operation and take care of that, but they don’t change the environment. They don’t change the way that they interact with their boss. So guess what, there’s a high likelihood that those ulcers are going to come back. So everything in the J.U.S.T. Philosophy, in what we discuss here on the Wise Whys podcast is to be this internal investigator and to use ‘why’ in a useful way, to strengthen yourself, to bring wellness and healing in and to shift your vibration.

There is a connection to the law of attraction, but it’s viewed very different from the J.U.S.T. Philosophy’s view. See, we’re literally changing our vibration and as we stay in that worry, you’re going to continue to attract people into your world to play that role so that you can learn to move past it.

Most people choose not to learn the lessons and so they’re constantly going why do I always find the person that’s going to do this to me? And no matter where I go, there’s somebody that does this to me. And the answer is because you are allowing that to happen. And life is trying to help you to move past it, to change your vibration through your perception of how you see this interaction.

That’s the very first step. And so we’re going to have in this 45 minutes to an hour, I think a lot of useful information for people and in ways to shift that perception and start this deep, internal self authentic change.

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