How do beliefs relate to becoming our authentic self?

How do beliefs relate to becoming our authentic self?

From episode #104 – How to Remain Your Authentic Self When Challenged By Influences & Pressure


Are beliefs part of somebody who is striving to be their authentic self, or are they the antithesis of that? Because if you have to say that you believe in something, then it’s really not on the scale of knowing, right?


Well, this is another tricky word, similar to love, that is going to draw many different opinions of what it means. But with belief there’s, there is a difference in the definition of knowing and belief, and how someone uses those words. You know, this is my belief that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, or this is my knowing of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, they carry different energies, but people probably often intermix those two words and get their meanings confused quite often.

And so this is why it’s hard to give any true dissection of that because of the different like opinions. And beliefs are just basically opinions, very strong opinions. And anytime you come to a group with a belief or an opinion, many times you’re going to find opposition. So, see, I think the key here is in how the view is presented. And again, if you’re able to say something like, I find the way that you’re looking at that extremely interesting and I would like to just share the way that I’m beginning to see it, but I’m not an authority in this field. And so please don’t take this as a challenge to the way that you see it.

And then you say whatever. That’s showing respect. It’s teaching respect. It’s showing that you’re not an authority here, and that if they ask you a question, you’re probably going to say, I don’t know. And that that’s okay with you because, if you’re not an authority, you haven’t put enough time in. You haven’t put enough practice in. Because if you do those two things, you put enough time, enough practice, then you will have the answer for whatever question is asked you.

And this is where then some people take that work to a more public stage, such as we’ve done here. And part of my job or part of my passion is to answer people’s questions. And that happens to be, in my design, one of my gifts that I’ve had to learn to develop. Because I used to do the same thing that we’re discussing here, to where when I get asked a question, I took it as a challenge.

But I want to tell everyone reminds you that a question doesn’t have to be a challenge. And make sure that before you’re asking the question, check your energy. Is your heart rate up? Because if so, it’s going to carry a message with your verbiage that is showing that pressure.

So basically, when we’re talking conscious communication, we’re paying attention to our energy field. We’re paying attention to our heart. We’re paying attention to our emotions. Because all of that is flavoring the words. And see most people, once they feel challenged, they don’t want to think about any of that or consider any of that. They just go into war mode, like survival. But very few people in our culture, that’s listening to this right now, are truly in that level of survival in their life. If they are, they’re creating a lot of it themselves.

Now there’s people that’s in survival, and I’m not discounting them. But the majority of people that think they’re in survival, either in their job or their relationship, a lot of it is self-inflicted. And so, our different levels of truly going through life experience, changes these levels of friction, levels of feeling challenged in those types of things.

And I think it’s just beautiful that we’re talking about these challenges in a public way. And, there’s something deeper that I want to go into, but I want to give you a chance to come in here and I’m going to bring up that other part a little bit later.