Happiness vs Contentment

Happiness vs Contentment

From episode #108 – If You Were Asked “Are You Happy?” What Would You Say?


Happiness is really interesting. Because it seems like nobody can obtain it for too long because of the laws of polarity. However high you experience, there’s going to be a low that, that you’re gonna experience. It’s almost like the universe is, that’s its way of teaching us to get to that, that middle neutral point.

But we have control over how high we go based on our perceptions, right?


Yeah, or just based on how, to what degree we need to show that externally. And to understand that the more you show it externally, it burns it off really fast. The more you hold it in, the longer that you can potentially keep it going.

And so the other side of that is, contentment doesn’t normally make someone else that isn’t in that state, feel bad. And many times when a happy person gets around a sad person, it can actually make that sad person even go deeper into a downward spiral because now they’re comparing themselves to that person.

So remembering that one of the laws of physics or frequencies is, in order to change a frequency, you need to meet it where it’s at, and then gradually change it from that point on. And that’s the problem with just overly positivity and people trying to just tell you to get over whatever you’re going through and just be positive. And many people go through a stage where they tried that out, but it’s not something that normally sustains people for long periods of time.