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From Rocker to Sound Healer

Alexander has been developing his frequency-based way of living, the J.U.S.T. philosophy, a self-development wellness practice for over 23 years. From his late teens through his early 30’s his experience as a traveling musician of original compositions began the blending of, frequencies (music), communication in complex relationships and creative (emotional) self-expression. After shifting his interest towards sound healing, metaphysical healing modalities as well as life philosophies, spiritual path’s and religions in his late 20’s a new, inward path, began to forge. Continuing his studies into various subtle energy healing modalities over the years and acquiring a Sound Healing Certification, in his mid-30’s a traumatic death related experience changed everything and his path of service to others began.

Six months after a 10-month battle with cancer and the loss of this most cherished loved one the philosophy and practices were put to a 7-year pain and discomfort filled test at every level. He was broken, dis-heartened and weak but inspired to push through by two 15-year-old twin boys. No one seemed to have answers that were showing promise or relief. What emerged was deep self-dissection at every level and the continued development of the J.U.S.T. philosophy. The pain felt physical, doctors could find nothing wrong, but his chest felt like it was going to explode, dizziness, traveling discomforts, blurred vision, etc. The pain and discomfort were emotional, the anxiety was energetic, the physical was exhaustion, the spiritual oscillated from disappointment to blame and the mental was an incomprehensible experience (PTSD).

The lessons learned in that painful and revealing healing journey to the present and the 10 years of metaphysical study before, laid the ground work for his 13 year / on-going private practice as a Multi-Level Transformation Guide, Wise Whys podcast Host, live Sound Journey sound meditations and his Vibro Tune Sound Table therapy systems.

Welcome to the J.U.S.T Philosophy… and the ongoing journey of Just Alexander…

Alexander offers private sessions including but not limited to, multi-level life coaching, astrological birth analysis consultant (Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology), subtle energy worker, and sound therapy practitioner. He also is a work shop facilitator / teacher, multi instrument performer, writer and product designer.

Alexander is the owner and facilitator of HUman RE-creation LLC, the creator of the J.U.S.T. Philosophy as well as the pioneer of Vibro Tune Sound Table Systems. He holds certification in Sound Healing and Psychoacoustics from The Globe Institute in San Francisco, California as well as multiple certifications in various other subtle energy techniques. He has set out to develop a new approach to overall wellness and self-development utilizing indigenous healing techniques as well as modern day scientific approaches to healing. It’s over-all Wellness on all 5 levels, the raising of one’s self awareness and conscious communication. It’s the J.U.S.T. philosophy…. JUST Alexander.

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