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When booking a private session with Alexander you have the option of utilizing multiple or one of the following offerings. Let’s tune in and shift your Vibe…

Find your path toward Energetic Wellness

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Transformational Life Guide

Alexander’s process and introduction in general terms

No matter the main issue you are facing at the present time, pain, discomfort, unhappiness, heart break, lack of fulfillment, etc., there is a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual component in action. These are our 5 main levels for overall wellness and are all connected and communicate continuously. These are different but work with the 9 major energy centers, or chakras. So it seems, for optimal healing, all 5 levels are in need of support and attention and the discomfort isn’t often the cause.

Have you considered, A physical dis-ease or injury, may begin with a question in one’s faith, spirituality, or religion? By allowing mental judgement to activate an emotional reaction, disrupting and draining the energetic field, weakening the physical body both acutely and Chronic? Please read that again…

How he assists your wellness and growth…
  • Introducing your energetic, personality and higher self via birth info
  • Learning how to release blame and guilt
  • Working on accepting and learning from your past experiences
  • Choosing to look at pain and discomfort as a teacher and messenger
  • Beginning to release concepts and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Appreciating internal growth and change gradually
  • Becoming more helpful and present to everyone you love

4 Major Processing Elements Alexander focuses on for Wellness and Self Growth

Childhood Environment (Genealogy, family lineage, response and coping mechanisms)

This may or may not be your biological parents. Just as children can take on or be influenced by traits connected to the genes from the 2 birth parents, the environment or energetic influence has a much more intense effect on a child’s development in the world. Children are subtle energetic sponges, absorbing the reactions, verbiage, and general mood of the people around them on a consistent basis. Especially up to 7 years old. Typically, they don’t have the mental capacity to differentiate or discern, they just have to feel and deal somehow. The ability to communicate is a slow process. Imagine not understanding anyone’s language around you.

Universal Subtle Energy Makeup (Astrological Makeup, Human Design & Destiny Cards systems, etc.)

At the moment of our birth, there is a cosmic, or planetary blueprint snapshot given to us. This planetary alignment influences our energetic make up that supports every aspect of our lives, especially empathic and intuitive gifts, how we relate to others, our strengths and challenges. These are not laws; they are influences that cyclically shift. Look at it like this, each planet projects a mathematical frequency and humans are frequency receptors, sharing and experiencing these subtle energies in our individual way.

Traumas (how your #2 experienced #1)

Trauma is an individual perception, rarely able to be shared with another person. What is traumatic to one person may not affect someone else, even at all. The above-mentioned energetic makeup determines much of how we handle seemingly stressful situations. This conditioning over time can have a drastic determining factor in one’s functionality in life. This stage is approached with patience, learning, shifting perceptions, moving into release, forgiveness and into acceptance. Relief is attainable. Blessings and a Compassionate Heart to you all.

Relationships & repetitive patterns / childhood programing directs the communication

The acronym for the J.U.S.T. philosophy is Journeys Unite Seeking Transformation. Our relationships provide the opportunities for us to grow and heal in ways not possible alone. Most people are playing different roles in our lives, reminding us of our parents, siblings, family, past relationships, etc. both consciously and sub consciously. These patterns have a lesson and can be released.

We’ll continue from here. Let’s Journey and Grow Together. Forgive and Release. Find our alignment and make the most of our support system.

relationships communication guide

Relationship Communication Guidance

For partners, children, family, co-workers, etc.

Utilizing you and someone else’s birth info we can dive into The Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology Systems to understand you and your connections on a much deeper level. Learn both your strengths together as well as potential obstacles and the tools needed to navigate through them. Improve your communication, learn to show love in a way that is received, get insights on how to inspire and support your loved ones.

Help your children by learning how to support, discipline and guide them in conjunction with the planetary energies and their natural make up. All children are not created the same. Equal but different.

Increase your intimacy with your partner or spouse and unlock hidden gems to bring you closer and more productive as a couple or family unit. Sessions can be solo or with your partner.

destiny cards

Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology System Consultations and Reports

For Self-Improvement and a deeper understanding of oneself and those around you, the Human Design system gives you a visual print out of your energetic makeup at birth, which in a reading can explain and confirm many subtleties and shine light on how the world and other people affect you as well as how you are affecting everyone around you on a subtle energy level. The Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology system reveal empathic tendencies, intuition abilities, thought processing. communication skills, personality traits, life direction, relationship potentials and so much more. All of this is obtained using your day, month, year, city, state and time of birth. Alexander utilizes this information with every client and partnership he is associated with. These 2 systems joined with the J.U.S.T. Philosophy unveils a wealth of information and applicable tools. This is a standard in his initial 2-hour personal transformation sessions.

Visit our Tools and Reports section for yearly personal and relationship reports as well as lifetime relationship reports.

sound vibration energy therapies

Sound / Vibration / Energy Therapies

Vibro Tune Sound Table Ride

(approximately 35 min. duration)

Lie in a restful position on this custom contoured Vibro Tune Sound Table. Close your eyes… breathe deep and exhale as the music pulses vibrations through the sound table while soothing and calming the mind via headphones or room speakers. Every level of your Being will be nurtured, stimulated, and re-aligned through your choice of various intentional and therapeutic music collections produced, written, and performed by Alexander.

This therapy has been known to assist many with relaxation, calming of the mind, mental focus or clarity, deeper sleep patterns, pain relief, emotional release, energy alignment, grounding, or centering. Also available with your sound table ride is Alexander’s Custom Full Spectrum Chakra Light System. This combination of light and sound therapy is both futuristic and ancient. Combining the sound table, light therapy along with energy work and / or Transformational Guidance work increases the effectiveness of progress greatly.

energy healing

Full Body Energy Alignment with Chakra Clearing

This wellness option incorporates Alexander’s unique style of energy work which draws from many different influences such as Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Sound Healing, Vocables/Vocal Toning, Gemstones, Aromatherapy, Light Therapy and more. With over 13 years of hands on experience. Alexander typically starts with energy cleansing and then aligning your 9 major energy centers or chakras using tuning forks and then continuing with hands on energy work, his voice and many other tools or instruments. Issues stuck in the energetic field can hinder you from moving forward, letting go of trauma, releasing emotions in a healthy way, communicating efficiently, healing the physical body, recognizing your self-worth and more. Issues in the physical body often returns when the emotional and energetic levels aren’t worked on and through. Often with an energy session, emotions will naturally release, many times with no memory attached. This can cause an avalanche of beneficial results on all 5 levels. Alexander’s energy work is normally in conjunction with his Vibro Tune Sound Table and Custom Chakra Light Therapy System, as well as different combinations of live sound that may include but is not limited to Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo, Shakers, Rain stick, Gong, Native Drums, etc.

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