The J.U.S.T. Philosophy

Journeys Unite Seeking Transformation (J.U.S.T.) is the umbrella acronym for this Frequency Based Life Philosophy. The inspiration and conceptual view of this philosophy can be broken down into three parts:

Our Relationships

Our relationships reveal so much on our healing and transformation journey. Most of our challenges throughout life is connected to our relating and communication. How we relate to our parents, family, friends, adversaries, etc., but most of all how we relate to ourselves is a telling sign of where we are on our journey. Most of our challenging issues and failure in communicating was established in us by the environment we were raised in or spent the majority of time in. This philosophy does not support a blame or victim mentality, just acceptance. We can shift our perceptions, thoughts, actions, response, and energy field to assist the releasing, change and healing needed to live a completely fulfilling life of peaceful solitude and deep connections.

The 5 Levels

No matter the main issue you are facing at the present time, pain, discomfort, unhappiness, heart break, lack of fulfillment, etc. There is a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual component involved. These are our 5 main levels for overall wellness and are all connected and communicate continuously. They are also different but work in conjunction with the 9 major energy centers, or chakras. So, for optimal healing, all 5 levels need support and attention as well as the 9 major energy centers. The area of discomfort is not often the root cause. Heal the root cause of an issue on any of these levels and the discomforts dissipate as frequencies of harmony & healing resonate throughout the other levels.

Energetic Make Up

All three of these connect to serve as a guide and direction for your wellness and self-growth path:

  • Your childhood environmental experience
  • Your energetic imprint at birth (cosmic make up revealed by Human Design chart and Destiny Card System)
  • Your traumatic experiences

So, let’s forgive, heal and grow together as you learn this Conscious Communication and Self-Awareness way of life.

The Five Questions

These questions help you stay clear on your journey.

The philosophy connects these questions to our wellness, relationships, and overall contentment. The first 3 are about you as an individual, the last 2 are relationship oriented.

Who are you?

Have you thought about what you are called? What name do you most resonate with? Have you considered changing or utilizing another part of your name? What associations do you have with your name? Has your name been shortened? This is the vibration of the frequency you answer to. For fun, sit or lay down and ask someone or multiple people to chant your name or an alternative name… How does it make you feel, or what emotions surface? Is this who you want to be?

What are you about?

Not your job. What sets your soul on fire or makes you passionate? What would you do, given unlimited resources, time or confidence? What actions or experiences give you a true sense of fulfillment and contentment? Many times, we show signs of this as kids or earlier in life.

How or What do you exemplify?

What actions do you take consistently to direct your intentions and actions towards that fulfillment and contentment. How do you inspire others through this example towards their own fulfillment? Does your example compete with or support your fulfillment?

The below questions are typically answered more clearly after the above questions are deeply considered. The below answers may change as your above answers change. Change is the only constant.

What are you looking to get out of a relationship?

What are you looking to give in a relationship?

The Five Pillars

The Foundation of the Philosophy

This philosophy’s foundation is built on 5 Pillars. Anchoring and reminding us to return to Center. You can utilize these pillars to derive a change in perspective leading to a potential solution for almost any problem you may face.

Pillar 1: Finding Divine Order in the Chaos

How to choose faith in the midst of challenges

Even amidst life’s ups and downs pause and remember, you are Divinely and energetically supported. Maybe your preference is not for your overall Highest Good. You also have a choice between emotional reaction (resistance) or conscious response (acceptance).

Pillar 2: Everyone can be your teacher and most situations offer a lesson

How to utilize each person and situation as a learning opportunity

Judgment of ourselves and others extinguishes opportunities for internal change. However, experience absent of judgement can bring much growth. We are all connected, sharing experiences and playing roles for each others healing.

Pillar 3: Polarity vs Duality

How to accept things we don’t understand

Opposites exist in all areas of life. Duality is a judgement or resistance to a situation while wanting it your way. Polarity is Acceptance or a recognition of the necessity of opposites in all of creation. It does not equate to condoning or approval. Acceptance releases friction.

Pillar 4: Emotional Accountability & Responsibility

How to own emotional reactions and break patterns

When we take ownership of our emotional reactions, we stand fully in the power of change. Most are taught negative emotional reactions in childhood. This perpetuates family lineage issues and recurring themes to be played out. Emotional processing

Pillar 5: Everything is Vibration

How to identify and raise your vibe

The existence and impact of subtle energies has been proven scientifically, it’s not a system of belief. To shift external circumstances and receive different results, we must change our internal vibration and resonance. Gradual changes over long periods of time equals lasting results.

Additional Topics

A few of the other topics and tools covered by the J.U.S.T. Philosophy


Breaking habits, releasing family lineage, reaction vs response.

Conscious Relating

What our relationships have to teach us, how to communicate optimally, and realizing roles we play out.

Emotional Wellness

Proper release and processing, finding the internal lessons, trauma response.

Internal and external subtle energies

Everything is vibration. It’s what’s behind the action or words.

Expanding Your View on Energetic Wellness

To learn more, listen to the following episodes of the Wise Whys Podcast. For a more personalized response to a question or life situation you may be experiencing, please reach out to Alexander or schedule a private session.

a diy guide for your self development journey

Episode 51

A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Your Self Development Journey Using The Pillars

At the base of this philosophy, supporting all of the wisdom in these episodes are, what we call, The Pillars. These 5 foundational theories, when utilized in junction with your own self reflection on a particular issue in your life, can yield the particular area or concept you need to focus on in order to get back to overall energetic wellness. This takes the need for a guru away and gives you back your power to derive the answers on your personal self development journey.

Episode 64

A Real World Example (on Social Media) of Using the Philosophy to Process Emotions

Not long ago, Alexander and I had a shared experience where a potential business connection of his voiced concern over a social media post that I had on my personal account. This episode reviews the conversation Alexander and I had over this issue and all of the perspectives, considerations and tools we used to come to our conclusion.

a real world example of using the philosophy to process emotions

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