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Below you will find the current music that Alexander has for sale at this time including his most recent independent release, Wisdom Journey. Purchasing music below will get you an automatic digital download. If you prefer a hard CD, please contact Alexander.

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Wisdom Journey

This project has been a goal for most of his adult life. Wanting to compile an album of various songs, he wrote, sang, performed all the instruments, recorded, produced, engineered, and mastered the complete project himself. Mistakes, self judgement and all, complete acceptance. It may not be perfect, but this is Alexanders artistic expression with his heart on his sleeve.

This 5-song compilation of music is an insight into Alexanders personal 10-year healing journey. The music and poetry relate firsthand to his Frequency Based Wellness Philosophy of Self Growth, Conscious Communication, Loss and Love in an original songwriter’s format. Songs on this installment are listed as:

  1. Caravan Of Camels
  2. Evlove
  3. Shamans Request
  4. The Mend
  5. With Myself I will Go On Being (with guest Ryan Biallas, his son).

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Therapy & Meditation

Enlightenment Meditation

Alexander appears on this project by David Gibson. Vocal toning with strings and other textured soundscapes in a soothing ambiance with Binaural Beats starting in Alpha (mind and body is slightly relaxed), shifting to Theta (mind and body are very relaxed), then to Delta (deep sleep) and ending in Sub Delta (deep sleep). These Binaural Beats shift every 6 to 7 minutes, assisting the mind and body to relax gradually in a realistic time frame while being interwoven in the music. This CD is excellent for meditation/contemplation, for sleep and deep relaxation or background music. Great for therapies such as massage, energy work or anywhere relaxation is helpful.

Track length is approx. 30 minutes.


lost monks

Therapy & Meditation

Lost Monks

Here Alexander connects with us via vocal toning, quartz crystal bowls, didgeridoo, other indigenous instruments and nature sounds. The Binaural Beats start in Beta (overly active mind), shifting to Alpha, Theta, Delta and then back to Theta, shifting every 6 to 7 minutes. This CD is excellent for use with a more mentally active person that needs help relaxing or for emotional release. By starting with the Beta Binaural Beats this music can stir things up before settling them back down or by meeting the mind in its most active state. Great as background music to other therapies as well.

Track length is approx. 30 minutes.


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Therapy & Meditation

Native Crystal Tone

Here Alexander brings in Native American flute, quartz crystal bowls, hand drum, various styles of vocal toning and waterfall sounds. This music compilation doesn’t carry Binaural Beats. This CD may be useful in a couple different ways. If the drumbeat is the focus upon listening, this can be a very grounding tool, however if the focus is placed on the flute, this track can be very opening in meditative journeying.

Track length of approx. 25 minutes.



The information offered on this site, podcast or through Alexander’s private practice is not meant as a substitute for conventional medicine.
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