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Alexander’s Sound Journey Through the Chakras – SOLD OUT

February 24 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST
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Alexander’s Sound Journey Through The Chakras w/ Special Guest Ryan Biallas

$35 per registered person, cash energy exchange is appreciated.
Location: The Shepherd’s Center1700 Ebert Street, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome to an internal sonic journey like you’ve never experienced.

Bring your yoga mat, and/or blanket and pillow. Lie down in a beautiful cathedral space, close your eyes breathe deep, release, begin to relax and let instrumental sounds from all over the world wash over you, cleansing, stimulating, and relaxing the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and ethereal levels.

Alexander will begin and end this event with an educational talk on Sound, Emotions, our Subtle Energy Field, Relationships and how they all connect and affect our Wellness. He will also describe the sound journey and how to navigate your internal experience.

In this experiential group sound emersion experience, Alexander and Ryan create a sonic landscape with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American flute, tingshas, didgeridoo, sitar, chimes, bells, gongs, drums, vocal toning, vocables, and more in a stimulating and supportive manner to release and activate the nine major energy centers as you sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position. This unique way of experiencing sound is intended to bring these energy centers and overall Being into alignment, releasing stuck energy, restoring equilibrium, and installing a feeling of contentment and the present moment within a 50 minute to one hour time frame

* You don’t need to have an understanding of the chakra system to benefit from this event. Just come, relax, and let the sounds take you where they will. Everyone’s journey is personal and different and that is encouraged.

All spiritual and religious paths are welcome as this event is not intended to infringe on one’s personal faith or practices, if anything only to enhance it through your own interpretation.

Our body is a musical instrument. When the instrument is not tuned properly, a state of dis-ease or imbalance occurs. During the course of our life many emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental factors interfere with our overall wellness.

Visit Alexander at www.theJUSTphilosophy.com or Alexander’s Podcast www.WiseWhysPodcast.com

Alexander offers private sessions including but not limited to, multi-level life mentoring, astrological birth analysis consulting (Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology), subtle energy worker, and sound therapy practitioner. He is also a work shop facilitator / teacher, multi instrument performing artist, writer and product designer.

Alexander is the developer of the J.U.S.T. Philosophy as well as the pioneer of Vibro Tune Sound Table Systems. He holds certification in Sound Healing and Psychoacoustics from The Globe Institute in San Francisco, California as well as multiple certifications in various other subtle energy techniques.

Space is limited. Please register to reserve your spot. You will receive a confirmation email.

Date: February 24
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Cost: $35
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